Choosing a Facility

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Skilled Nursing Facility Checklist

It is important for you and your family members to visit the facility to make sure that it meets your needs, as well as those of your family.

Please view the list below for a list of things to consider when choosing a facility for your loved one.

– Is the facility accepting new residents?
– Is the facility easy to visit for family and friends?
– Is the facility close to the hospital?
– Does the facility have the services that I need?
– Does the facility accept the insurance that I have?
– Does the facility have a variety of activities I might enjoy?
– Do residents appear clean and well groomed?
– Do the residents have the same staff on a daily basis?
– Is the facility clean and pleasant?
– Does the facility have RN coverage to manage IV therapy that may be needed?
– Does the facility provide offer a variety of meal choices?
– Does the facility have a phone in each short term room?
– Does the facility have free Wifi for each of the residents and guests?

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